Yard Work With Cool Treats
Preparing to Mulch

During the week we stopped over GG and Papa‘s house to visit. Just so happened that our visit was doing a outdoor cleanup around the house. Papa had just finished mowing the lawn and was getting prepared to begin trimming, edging And adding new mulch around the house. Surprisingly, and I say surprisingly because you don’t get a lot of kids who job at excitement of helping doing yardwork because they’d rather be inside where it’s cool and they can watch TV. 

decorating with little white fences

No, not these kiddos! They wanted to help GG and Papa decorate the yard, and so they did. This was the first time having adult shovels at hand and putting in some work. I was so proud of them! A great way to learn teamwork, patience and communication. 

How can you get your kids involved during the summer with some yard work? (especially if they Are young) It keeps them active in a non-traditional way you working muscles that will AFFORDABLE yard work tools specially made for the kiddos- grab some sun glasses, sunscreen and their own bucket and shovel. Have them focus on 1 task that they can accomplish on their own (I.e-shovel dirt from one place to another) Make it personalized for them. They feel responsible and independent. 

$1 Shades to go with the buckets 😎
$1 Bucket with Shovel from Target or Dollar Store

It definitely worked with the kiddos. 

And the added bonus….they slept GREAT 😉

Some yard work

Now when it comes to nutrition, those who have older kids already know they’ve been through it but those going through it right now with their younger kids, as I said in my past blog it takes time. 

There’s 2 cool summer treats the kids have already enjoyed. One healthy and the other a guilty pleasure. 

The cool treat is one that Ive shared in the past but has become a household nutrition item for the kids. Cucumbers 🥒 they prefer their cucumbers with Himalayan salt. While Reygan asks for a few, Bubs may ask for 1, which I’ll gladly accept. 🤣 

Cucumbers with Himalayan salt

NOW, sometimes you just have to balance out some good along with guilty pleasures and I know my kiddos deserve it especially after helping GG and Pops in the yard!

The Other cool treat I surprised them with I found at Aldi’s. I would call it a knock off of the Klondike bar but it’s still served it’s purpose as a scrumptious ice cream sandwich!

Parents!! If you have any questions pertaining to health and fitness for your kids, please comment below!



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