Working out with my babies

I know with the crazy schedule I have as not only a mother but a working mother, I have to make some time for me. Some of that time is making sure I stay healthy & fit. Due to unpredictable schedules week in & out, I try to eliminate some of the worry of getting my workouts in by doing them at work. However, when that doesn’t happen I have to find a way to make it happen and if it just happens to be at home the realization of me doing it solo is non-existent. Well that was the case this past week. Planned on my Thursday workout at work…things got crazy= no workout. So the plan ended up, doing it at home so I included my babies in the workout with me. My babies loved it. This is THE FIRST TIME doing a workout with both my children and I must say I had a good time! My daughter loved it and kept asking to do the exercises again (I think partly because she wanted to use the colorful bands, lol). But let me tell you…its a GREAT antidote for nap time or bedtime! LOL


We did 3 total sets.

  1. Squat Jumps
  2. BW Squats
  3. Resistance Bands Bicep Curl into Triceps Extension
  4. Plank Arm Reaches