Work While I Wait

This video message I came across on Instagram Couldn’t have come at a better time To continue to water me to grow. 

Listening in on this video was so refreshing. If you know you were destined for greatness and that the Lord blesses everyone with unique talents and abilities but the Lord told you you’re greatness wouldn’t come into revelation until years from now, would you remain faithful and continue to serve?

 I have been guilty of this myself, but I can say we all have that sometimes we get caught up  watching other people who have been blessed and already in their season of growth and prosperity, that we forget that the very same thing can and will happen to us if we stay focused in on OUR journey. 

When the Lord blesses others He can certainly bless others. It’s our mentality that blocks us from believing we will. 

If we can set our minds back to this very principle that as we wait for what the Lord has in store for us, that we continue to work humbly with perseverance and gratitude, those blessings will be even more sweeter. 

Ironically, A post I made 9 years ago came up on my Facebook memory wall That share very similar thoughts on my blog today

“When the Lord calls you to do work, be ready to be faithful through everything He’s going to take you through.” 

I was so hard headed, reluctant, scared to make a big move in my life, but I took that step of faith anyways and as a result it has been the best decision I have made. Don’t ever be willing to stay back or take the back seat when you know deep in your heart it something you know you were meant to do…be ready to do great things.” Sept 22 2011

Click on the link below to listen to this encouraging word of working while you wait!



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