Woop there is it!!


Another pool workout completed!!
4 sets of Hip Mobility Sequence (See Pregnancy Fitness Short Clips under the Right & Tight Video Tab)
4 sets of Upper body intervals: 1 minute for each exercise; Front to back DB swings, DB Jabs with rotation, & Lateral Straight Arm Triceps Push Downs
4 sets of stair squats (video clip coming soon)

As I was leaving out of the pool I bumped into an older gentlemen I see now and then. he was coming in to start his workout. I made the comment “you bout to get it in?” he said oh yes about to do some laps and push ups… I said oh push ups, how do you do that? he says he uses the stairs, he does 300 and is working his way up to 1000. I hear that!!
Just as he was about to walk off he turned back around and said “listen, I am trying to feel and look better at 74 than I did at 64!!”
Bam! Do that!