When You Lose Weight, THIS Is What Your Fat Tissue Releases

If you have been following my Health and Fit tips for some time now, you know I have made mention a few times about the resource I use- FOODUCATE- Not only is it a great tool to use throughout your health and fitness journey, they provide monthly educated resources for you to read up on that could expand your knowledge on why certain things happen, how it happens, and tips to help you a long the way.

So each month Fooducate sends me newsletters. To be honest, sometimes I forget they have sent it because I do not receive notifications through my promotional email portal unless I physically check it myself.

Well I am glad I did because this specific newsletter is informative and its something I want to share with you!

The most important piece I want you to grasp from this article is the absorption of fat tissue and the release of it too.

So many people think its just FAT FAT FAT that is gained without knowing some of the principles behind it. The article speaks of hormones and toxins- Keep that in mind. Anytime we consume food or drink our body has to process it, even our environment plays a factor in how our body processes things. When it comes to weight gain, if there is over consumption of calories, as well as what KIND of calories (foods/drink) you are consuming, its not only storing the excess as fat, but attaching whatever was in those particular calories (processed/chemical foods or drinks).

If your lifestyle is built on a lot of STRESS…stress=hormones. CORTISOL is one of them as well that can definitely cause weight gain.

When you begin to LOSE weight, your body can begin to RELEASE from this storage that your fat tissue has been holding.

So even if you lose 1lb of fat as you go through your journey, be proud of that because you know it wasn’t just “fat”- You are releasing toxins, and stress from your body! That is to be celebrated!

Please read Below:

FooducateUpdated: Oct 07 2019 6:40AMPublished: Sep 16 2019

This is What Your Fat Tissues Emit When You Lose Weight

Body fat is an amazing evolutionary invention designed to keep fueling mammals during periods of little or no available food. Fatty tissues in the belly, thighs, and other strategic locations start to form and grow whenever there is excess caloric intake.

What’s interesting is that these tissues absorb not only fat, but other substances which attach themselves to fat. These include:

  • Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K
  • Hormones such as estrogen
  • random toxins that were in the bloodstream when the fat was deposited

What happens with these molecules when we lose weight?

When the body is in caloric deficit, it turns to its fat stores to produce energy. The fat cells “melt”, or more precisely are metabolized to extract their energy for use by the body. As a result, all the other stored molecules are released as well.

There could be potential side effects, especially if the weight loss happens quickly. Remember that weight gain usually happens slowly, over the course of years. Sudden weight shedding could lead to a deluge of toxins, nutrients, and hormones. This is rarely an issue, as the body has tools to detoxify (liver, kidneys) and remove the pollutants (urination).

If you do feel something weird going on with you as you’re losing weight, consult with your physician.



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