When Can I Eat Vegetables?!

HAs your child ever started a sincere conversation with you and all while you’re listening your giggling inside because they are so serious?

That’s exactly what happened in my conversation with my daughter.   She started off conversation talking about a kid in her class who is fastest then I’ll see other kids and they never win a race against him. Although she was speaking to me it was As if she were talking to herself as well trying to figure out why the kid was so much faster than her. When she posed the question maybe it’s because he eats more vegetables and that’s when she asked me ”When can I eat vegetables? It made me laugh out loud not just by the question, but how she asked in all seriousness. My son, listening in on the conversation and decided to chime in “I want to grow big too! “ 

The moral of this story as a parent when we share the importance of health we hope that it sticks with our children as they continue to explore in the world. It’s out there to see how my daughter connected performing well with eating healthy. 

the conversation translated into a workout a couple days later…

As we walked through the park she just kept doing cartwheels noting it was her workout. Anyone else’s child done this? 🤷🏽‍♀️



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