When A Rain Cloud Appears After A 🌈

For anyone who has experienced the beauty of a rainbow and how it makes you feel, I call it a blessing. It’s a reminder of God’s promises that He will always be with us.

Although rainbows symbolize the beauty of God‘s promises and power it was never promised that we would not experience pain and struggle. God will be there to see us through even when the rain clouds and storms come through. 

God has got me through so many storms and rain clouds yet granted me so many rainbows. Right now, I am still experiencing my rainbow but a rain cloud stopped by. Just recently I received the dreadful news that a great friend and mentor lost his battle to Covid. He was my vice principal in high school and supported me through my high school years and when he found out I was going to his Alum, he was elated and rooted me on through my college years. 

He dealt with health issues and because he knew I got my degree related to health I was there to help support him through his journey on and off.

The rain cloud came so unexpectedly and for those of you who have been following my blog know that I have gone into a new mindset regarding my health and fitness journey in which I am in what is called a recalibration phase- a whole new outlook mentally physically spiritually and emotionally. So much more focused and determined. However, when this rain cloud came my emotions took over but in a total different way than they have before when a tragedy has struck. I acknowledged my emotions and put my recalibration phase to the side for the moment but not ignoring or throwing everything out the window. I had to take my mind off of the hurt and direct myself to do what I felt most comfortable which unfortunately was emotional eating. I accepted that but will not dwell on it. My focus was to get right back into my recalibration.  

I had a breaking moment but I am still focused and determined. It just comes a time where your mind is made up and even when a storm or rain cloud interferes with your rainbow, God provides you enough to know how to deal with it and succeed it even in the weakest moments. 



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