What’s to be expected

Most people have seen this photo of what success looks like.

When it comes to being SPECIFIC to what kind of success you are looking for in your life you have to understand that our journeys were NEVER meant to be all peachy.

I believe journeys weren’t just made to be expected for joy, happiness, and laughter. A Journey was also meant for dark periods of frustration, anger and learning. Those dark periods I also believe are made to fuel us TO SUCCEED.

When we REALLY want to achieve and be successful at whatever it may be, we will get mad enough to say “I am going to try again, but this time do it another way”.

So the tip I want to share with you regarding your HEALTH and your FITNESS is pretty simple… always come back strong from a dark period.

Assess what did not work for you OR lets be real…If you did not put the time and effort in it and come back with another plan of action.

  • Drink more water
  • Eat more veggies
  • MOVE your body more
  • Get more sleep
  • Stop saying YES to every dang thing

If you have not seen this photo below, I wanted to make sure to share. It was posted by Fitness Enthusiast, Kurt Rawlins. This photo aligns wonderful with the photo above, when it comes to a persons health and fitness journey. Rawlins is telling it like it is! The journey is not going to be what you expect it to be everytime!

We put soooooooooooo much pressure and stress on ourselves, and even on others who may be helping in the journey, if we don’t see the results we want. STOP DOING THAT! Stop assuming and expecting things to go right all the time. Life throws curveballs and some things can’t be explained, But when things don’t go the way we expected, it’s ok to be or get mad but channel that energy for you to keep moving forward because quitting most certainly cannot be an option.

Be thankful that you have a journey to go through, to learn, grow and succeed from.



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