What’s for Dinner?

Brown Rice packet- Aldi’s

(~90 sec steamed bag- Kosher salt/pepper added)

Stir-Fry Veggies- Krogers (

(Steamed bag- a dash of butter (optional) kosher salt and pepper added)

Wild Caught, Marinated Salmon- Costco’s

(Pan seared on the stove w/ canola oil until cooked thoroughly)

A meal is prepared- My drink of choice with this is either, brewed tea or sparkling water

*This can also be a lunch option as well!


I usually buy from these 3 stores when its time to grocery shop because they have everything I need for myself and my family. There is such a variety of healthy foods expanding within these stores as well!

Did everyone hear about Aldi’s stepping up to the plate and really making a name for themselves as healthiest grocery store?? Apparently come January 2019, Aldi’s will be going fully organic with their selections, banning pesticides from all products they sell.

Aldi’s has definitely evolved since the early 2000’s. What does that mean as far as prices once they transition to fully organic? Not sure, but to know they can ensure safe and healthy food options for people, I will still be making my trips there!