What Is the Rush??

This post that I came across hit it on the head for me. The past couple months I have slowed down and really focused on the things in life that really matter the most to me. When I was trying to go faster pace, I was missing out on precious moments that I may never get back.

One thing I made sure to take heed in, was the phrase “What’s the rush”- When I think about it at a deeper level, What really IS the rush?Why am I causing myself to go in panic, get anxious, frustrated. Nothing could be that important outside of my family and loved ones, that I jeopardize myself or family because I am rushing.

When it comes work-related-I realized I was rushing myself way too often to get ready for work. If I wanted to be to work by 7:45a or 8a between the time I got up and getting the kids ready I was rushing. I was rushing my kids, yelling, driving a little too fast, anxious, it just wasn’t good!

Then the Lord stepped in and prioritized me. He showed me that all the time I spent rushing, for no reason, I wasn’t giving my kids the quality time they needed before I dropped them off before heading to work. I wasn’t giving myself the time to just sit and meditate before starting my day, I wasn’t giving my husband the attention or even speaking to him in the mornings because…I was too focused on rushing to get ready! SMH

I am so grateful the Lord interceded and showed me what I a missing. I feel so much better. I wake up, read a devotional, thank the Lord for another day, acknowledge hubby before he heads out, sing and laugh with my kids, give them a hug and kisses as I am getting them ready.

I am totally missing the mark by jeopardizing myself and my loved ones for things that could be considered temporary in my life or replaceable.

So when I think about it, I ask myself, “Crystal, WHY are you rushing!” Slow down, take your time, enjoy these moments before I miss out or miss something valuable.

Are you rushing?



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