What is the REAL why?

Embrace It!

I asked this question through my IG and FB sites to really get people thinking about WHY and to REMEMBER why it is the reason you choose to take yourself through this journey.

When it comes to the reason we decide to take on our health and fitness journey we ALL have a superficial reason why we get started…

Example: I want to lose weight, or I want to feel and look better in what I wear…

My question to YOU is, what is the REAL SUPER why to the reason you are taking responsibility in your health and fitness journey (which stems from your superficial why)?

Ill start… my REAL SUPER why is because I hit a breaking point where I stood in the mirror and was angry, sad and frustrated that I had let myself get to a point where I was not happy looking at myself or feeling confident at all. There were so many factors which lead to this boiling point. Enough was enough… Therefore I knew it was time to MAKE IT RIGHT AND GET IT TIGHT- The superficial reasons were to lose some weight and lean out!

This was my REAL SUPER WHY… P.S- I am not sure why it did not allow me to edit the pic upright…but you get the picture…Lol

PS- The purpose of this post is to make us all more aware of the real reason(s) we do what we do in our health and fitness journey

Your turn………………



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