What Is Real Happiness

What is REAL Happiness to you?

One of my friends posted this on IG and I’m glad I came across it at the time I did. 

2 things I pray and speak to God about is 1) peace surrounding me and 2) a peace of mind. I know that the peace God can provide is plentiful No matter what season I am in. 

To me, true happiness is peace. I am able to embrace whatever process/transition I am in with peace. 

Peace of mind in keeping me mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally sane, and not being consumed of this world. The peace of mind to Keep me focused on what He has called me to do and not loose sight of it despite whatever distractions are going on. 

Just providing peace that surrounds me that wherever I go He’s got me and I am secure. That’s what fulfills my happiness. 

In a world full of material things it’s challenging because you can be drawn to it and lose peace easily. Money, acceptance, body image, the list can continue. They can bring happiness is you obtain them, but it’s temporary and superficial. We find ourselves never enough or always tying to please and it certainly ones a never ending cycle. There is always a hole of emptiness deep inside. 

I have felt that way before and found that peace rebukes all of the worldly things. 

To enjoy LIFE abundantly is to have peace that allows your happiness to be fulfilled wholeheartedly. 



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