What happens…

Hey yall!!

What happens when you feel like you have so much to do and don’t know where to begin because everything feels like its started to blend together, and not in a good way? You go cray-cray or zombie mode

This past week was FILLED with so many expected and unexpected tasks. One week is chill and set on cruise and the next week feels like driving 100 mph. Something we call LIFE. lol

This week was filled with Kids wellness check-ups, kids dance class, training clients, dealing with work load/staff, worship rehearsal, being a mom…and then you get the call that a dear friend has passed. What happens in the midst of all of that?? Overwhelmed? Yea, maybe, but as I have continued to embrace the process, I am learning just to STOP, give myself a moment, and BREATHE!!! Trying to roll through life without taking precious time to stop and just take a moment, can really catch up with you and take a toll on important tools in your life (health, family, career etc).

There are somethings that are in our control, and of course somethings that just aren’t. Either way it goes, remember when life starts gearing up the speed, we CAN make ourselves slow down and pull off to the side and take a moment.  I know I have. Its so important to do that, and that’s what I have been learning.


Peace and blessings to YOU! I wish for a great week ahead!

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