What does your “diet” consist of?

When I saw this, I said YES!! This is the ultimate truth. Anytime I would sit down and have a consultation with a potential client or a member beginning their health and fitness journey I learned that sugarcoating the truth about what it would take in ones personal health and Fitness journey, never benefited anyone.

You have to tell the truth about what it truly entails and how it all works together to make a result. When I was younger and had just graduated college I had all the knowledge of the science of health and fitness but no experience of what the real life additions that came along with it. It wasn’t until I Actually started experiencing and learning that it took more than just Fitness and nutrition to help meet the needs of someone’s ultimate goals.

I still till this day tell people that even if you came to me with your health and fitness goals that you wanted to accomplish that’s only a small step towards accomplishing them. The main point is to remember You still have to deal with everything else outside of nutrition and fitness…. and it’s a thing called LIFE!!

Outside of Physically providing our body with nutrition, we also feed our bodies psychologically by the things we are surrounded by daily which affect our journey in different ways, that’s why a journey is never a smooth one.

So yes, a journey could be an analogy to being on a diet. What is it we restrict and what is it we nurture through our journey that either benefits or derails us?

Think about what you surround yourself with on a daily basis that feeds You emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically that ultimately causes us to take action on the decisions we make.

What does your diet consist of?



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