What does “Moderation” really look like?

I had a RN/ coordinator come in Nov. 18th to speak to the participants in the Losin’ It program. She brought up a GREAT point with the holidays coming up. Throughout the years we, or most of us, have learned when it comes to your nutrition/diet, moderation is a must. However, what DOES moderation look like??

She brought in a good illustration…PLATES…A good description of what kinds of plates she brought, think of it like a fast food joint, when they ask you if you would like your meal, small, medium or large. She showed what we normally are accustomed to and eat off of, its equivalent to the large meal!

When we look at our plates, our habit is to fill the plate with food. Well if its a larger plate, you’re naturally going to put more food on that plate. She challenged them to start using smaller plates, similar to that of a salad plate that way you are essentially not overeating. She also shared, wait about 20 minutes after your meal because it takes about that long for your brain to register that your stomach may be full. You may find that you are actually satisfied or…you stomach still has room left for a little more food.


Great information, great tips. Worth trying during the holidays so goals and hard work are not sabotaged!!