What does Livin’ Your Best Life” mean to you

Some of the shirts I wear are of significance because they mean something personally.

“Living the good life”

“My life story will be a good one”

If someone were to ask you what “Livin’ your best life” meant to you, how would you answer? How is livin your best life defined by you?

How Living your best life can be defined far and in between…

Is it having:

  • Wealth
  • Reputation/Recognition
  • Money
  • Being able to Travel
  • Being surrounded by family and friends
  • Health
  • The list can go on and can be a combination of things

When we think of our life, where it is now, and where we would like it to be, think about it in terms of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Can we live our best lives with those dimensions out of whack (out of balance)? If not, finding balance by focusing on the dimension(s) that we are weak or struggle the most with could help us get closer to living that best life.

For me, I truly believe if my spiritual dimension is lacking, I suffer great in all the other dimensions. In recent, I realized that I need to open my relationship more to God, just as He yearns for the relationship with me. God is and has always been open with who He is to me. I struggle sometimes to reciprocate and I think its because sometimes I get lost in worldly thoughts and distractions. In doing that, my mental, emotional and physical suffer because I try to look for approval in others. I have started to be aware and authentic with myself to keep God in the forefront, because when I think and look to God ALL THAT MATTERS is His approval and I am back in focus and that is all that matters.

I share all that to say, for me, when I’m strong in my spiritual dimension, everything else falls into place, therefore I am livin my best life! I still have some work to do, but I will say, MY LIFE STORY WILL BE A GOOD ONE!

Will your life story be a good one too?!



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