What are YOU focusing on?

Are you working on your weakness instead of always focusing on your strengths?
This was one of the questions and activities I focused on during one of my classes with my health and wellness ministry ladies a few years ago. I pose the same question to YOU?

If you think about it…there is a need for balance in everything to help accomplish a goal. When we know we lack in one area but are strong in another, we lean towards what were good at, and not build up on the weakness that’s probably the main reason why we can’t reach our potential because we won’t work on it!!

The more weaknesses we have, but we TAKE THE TIME to focus on working on them, the more we can start adding them to our strengths!
You have to look at your strengths and weaknesses in an aspect of the physical, mental and spiritual realm. Where do you fall short in one of those areas? How and what can you start doing to work on them to help you make a better you???