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I have been convicted on a few occasions when I got so focused on something other than my children’s time, it made me step back and rethink my choices.

We as parents have to remember that if we don’t watch what we say (such as “Hold on, just wait, maybe another time”) based on what Captures our attention (such as tv, phones, games etc), our children will begin doing that very same thing. There should be no room for us to reprimand them for doing the same things we did that took away time from them.

I literally just had a conversation at the gym with another parent about this very situation. We talked about where our priorities were especially when it came to how much focus we put in to our jobs And other things. The parent felt so heartbroken because they knew majority of their time was being spent working and they could recall a time where they had to leave yet again for work related Matters and they remember turning around and seeing their daughter look through the window crying asking for them to come back. It was then they made the conscious decision that Family was way more important than work and that reprioritizing and finding more balance needed to happen.

Below is a Facebook message my friend directly spoke specifically to fathers, but this is very applicable to each and every parent. 

“Dear Fathers,

I got a chance to sit and watch a movie with my daughters on my couch tonight. I can say I enjoyed every bit of it. One thing I notice… My daughter told me to put my phone down. I felt convicted because she notice that it was their time. I made myself turn off answering calls or messages. This moment spoke to me. I ask God to help me not to get so consumed in helping others that my daughters  come and say, what about us! 

Fathers… that business will be there. That Job will be there. Learn from me, spend time because your kids are watching your moves and your time. They just want us and our attention.

I’m learning”

I don’t know about YOU but when I read this from a good friend recently, it was a great reminder that our decisions make a huge impact on them mentally and physically. When we think they aren’t watching or listening…they truly are. 

I believe as a parent we will always be learning and that is OK, we just learn from these kind of experiences that come our way and make the best of it.



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