What a day!!!

Today was a very long yet productive day. I took part in our very first walk of the year with the Walk With A Doc Program. A 1 mile walk with physicians and RN’s aling with anyone else who wanted to join in on the walk. Very informative.

At the same time that was going on one of our kickboxing classes was taking place as well and I just had to stick my head in the door to check it out and of course the instructor saw me and shoot me in to participate so for the last 15 minutes I got a chance to be a part of my very first kickboxing class and let me tell you it kicked my butt what a great workout.

I was supposed to get my own personal workout in earlier in the day but because there was so much preparation for other things that I had to get things ready for. BUT THIS most certainly made up for it all!! I guess im glad I did peek my head in. Lol