So proud of Bubs! Wellness check up complete!
Was a champ in her wellness check up

Infants to adults, We ALL periodically have to have wellness check ups to ensure where we are with our overall health. 

As I’ve shared with my clients, every doc appointment you attend, never be afraid to ask questions! Never leave an appointment still wondering about something you could have asked. If you know something may be going on that the doc has not asked about, don’t be afraid to speak up and let them know what’s going on, even if it’s a wellness check up. 

I say all of that due to the most recent wellness check ups my kiddos had. The doc always have their routine they go through with your child. The opportunity comes when the doc asks YOU if you have and questions, thoughts, or concerns. That’s what I appreciate the most. 

Listen, even if the doctor gives you a thumbs up and says that everything they have checked is good, if you still have questions or concerns that you have witnessed with your child on a daily basis make sure you ask! No one knows your child like you do and if the doc can give insight on what you have to say, it could be helpful! 

Prime example, my husband and I have noticed that at night, Ms. Rey has some snoring episodes which interferes with her breathing. She had suffered a bit of congestion, so I figured that is where the snoring was coming from. In my mind I could have left it at that and not said anything to the doctor but because my husband and I knew snoring could indicate something else I felt it was my duty to ask. 

Come to find out after asking the question the doctor reassessed her (differently than she had earlier) and turned around and said “I can definitely tell she may have allergies which could be causing the snoring.”

The doc gave some suggestions that could help. In that one question, gave more relief had I chose not to say anything. 

Both of my kiddos left out with overall good health reports, and momma left out feeling good. I asked all the appropriate questions, I as a parent needed, in addition to what the wellness check up included. 

I encourage you, if you are not already doing so, not just in your own wellness check ups, but in your childrens too, to not be afraid to ask questions and get some answers/guidance. 



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