Weight loss vs Fat loss

A lot of people do not know the difference between weight loss and fat loss because WEIGHT LOSS has been engrained in the mind over time.

As weight loss can be accomplished in many different ways, what people do not know is when they lose weight, most chances than none, not only are they losing fat (which is key), but they are also losing essential muscle. That may not be a huge deal to some….but it should. Why?

  • When you lose muscle:
  • You lose the ability to increase metabolism
  • You lose strength
  • You lose protection of skeletal structure which then makes you prone to injury

…these are just some of the loses when targeting weight loss.

A lot of people go through the process of weight loss primarily through diet and strictly cardio.

FAT loss on the other hand deals with solely fat loss without increasing the chance of losing muscle. How?

A fitness routine concerning BOTH cardio AND strength routines

If doing cardio and strength routine on the same day-Do  Strength workout first (carb target) then cardio routine to follow after (fat/carb target)

Strength routine will utilize carb energy/source…once your finished with your strength workout and go to your cardio it will tax whatever carbs are left and then fat)- Your workouts are dependent on what intensity effort you put in which will in turn burn so much carbs/fat…

Overall, Most importantly its good to know your body fat percent (what your body comprises most of-Subcutaneous fat, muscle, organs, tissue etc) what most if not all, people should be concerned about rather than what the scale says. Even if the scale weight may go down, it could indicate without you even knowing that you’ve lost muscle. Some who have lost a lot of weight still may have a high body fat percentage¬† (which is not good) because they have lost so much muscle, therefore the fat to muscle ratio is high.

Everyone’s goals for their health and fitness are different and for different reasons, but it should be known how the process goes no matter which direction you choose to go. At least you know the weight loss and fat loss difference!


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