WEEK 4-December 4Star Health and Fit Challenge

December 28th-January 2nd

FINAL WEEK!! Here are the LAST 3 health and fit challenges

YOU can choose to follow all 3 challenges, or focus in on 1 of the challenges for the week, as long as you follow through with it!!

Week 4

Week 4

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  1. BE KIND! SUPPORT ANOTHER– Yes, Christmas is over but the gift of giving and doing something random and unexpectant, IS NOT! This week, be creative in how you can help someone in need!!
  2. The New Year fast approaches! Have YOU been slacking on your Zzzzzz’s??? If so, this is a great week to get practice and make it habit as you go into the New Year as a goal to give your body the rest/sleep it needs!! 2 or more times this week- get 7-8 hours of SLEEP

3. STRETCH PATIENTLY!! Follow this stretching routine at least 2-3 times this week on your own:

Chair Seated Hamstring Stretch- hold 30 sec.

Chair Seated Twist and Hold Stretch- 20 sec. each side

Chair Seated Overhead Arm Side Reach- 20 sec. each side