My mom forgot her water on the go jug. so until I see her again I will be using it to track my water intake.
instead of filling the entire jug, I fill it half way, and once I’m done with that refill it halfway again.
the reason being I do not want to overwhelm myself with an entire jug a water. So strategically for me, this way works best!
Plus….this jug is about exactly the amount if water I need to be getting in a day! If you are wondering how many ounces YOU need to be drinking a day, take your CURRENT body weight and divide that by 2…If you are not a avid water drinker, but are trying to make strides to do so, don’t try to drink the recommended ounces all in one day. Try drinking an ounce more than you usually would, and gradually pick it up from there! CHEERS!!