Watch Yourself

Homework: In the near future when you have an upcoming workout planned, take a video of yourself doing that workout.

You may be thinking, Crystal you are crazy I would never take a video of myself working out…

I think back to my college days as a student-athlete. My coaches at some point during the season, in practice, would video part of our work out just to watch our form.
After practice we would watch the videos to see what could be corrected, what are strengths were, and how we could improve. 

It’s very familiar in the football world too. Every coach takes their players so that they can go back and watch Film to ultimately get better for the future.

I think the same applies here. Why? It’s not to look and pinpoint imperfections or degrade yourself, it’s an assessment of yourself, to better yourself. 

Two key points you are looking for:

FORM- Are you rolling your shoulders too much, is your knees going over your feet in a squat, and you not doing the full range of motion in the exercise… things like that are good to see and correct.

The other important key is: Core initiation -are you engaging your core (pulling navel in toward spine/ tucking in hips) before performing an exercise or are you keeping relaxed while trying to do the exercise. 

Both these key components go hand in hand. 

The video assessment only needs to be 1 to 2 minutes long just enough where you can assess your form and core engagement.

Very classic exercises, to name a few, which form is jeopardized are:

  • Squats
  • Push Ups
  • Planks

If you are wondering if your form is lacking in your own workout routines, video yourself performing them OR either of these exercises listed above.

If you decide to check your form doing the Squats, Push Ups and/or Plank, follow below:

  • 1 set of 10-15 reps Squats
  • 5-10 Modified (on knees) or Advanced Push Ups
  • Max time for Plank

Once the assessment video has been done, If You have assessed your video of exercises and still not sure if your form is correct go ahead and send me your 1 to 2 minute clip and I will assess it for you! (Via email at



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