Hey Yall!!
Was M.I.A for a quick minute. Was in hot ‘lanta to kick it with my college sisters who I haven’t seen in a while!!

Anywho, wanted to share this…

There are people who feed solely off of what others they see are doing and want to know HOW that person got there….Now, dont get me wrong, we ALL get our motivation for something or someone, HOWEVER, Be leary of who you ask or get information from, and the same goes for being prepared for the answers you ask for because it may not be what you wanted to hear/expect.
Some people come with the assumption that the reason why someone looks fit is because they must know all the answers to knowing how to get right and tight, and that may be true in a sense but you have to keep in mind, what they may be doing, may not be the healthiest route for YOU specifically, EVEN IF IT WORKED FOR THEM!! They are sharing with you what works/ed for them.

I’ve also experienced some who have come to me who were actually MAD because when they asked another person what they did to obtain the goals they reached, they said it seemed impossible or just not right. WOW.

People have to realize, YOU MUST FIND YOUR OWN PATH TO SUCCESS!!! What one person does to achieve theirs may not be the same route you are going to take to achieve yours. That goes for fitness and nutrition. If you think that what one person is doing has to be the way you do yours, you may be in for a world of frustration. Everyone’s body has to find their own niche and work from there. IT CAN BE DONE!!!