Victories And Struggles

I shared a post 3 years ago and it popped back up as a memory on my FB wall. 

When I think about it this time around after rereading it, I apply it to the very season I’m living in now. Our journeys were intended for victories and struggle. That way as we experience those victories and struggles we become more efficient in our life in how we deal with our good and bad experiences. 

With the events that have occurred lately, one could say their journey is in a struggle right now. When struggle pops up In life, that’s when the door of doubt and other negative thoughts open It seems as if all of our goals and dreams start to fade away. I have experienced this from time to time for my journey but I’ve learned that although I may be scared and uncertain on How to approach the struggle but when I ask God to order my steps and help me he always provides! 

I can say it with much certainty because I am here still in my journey! 

Listen, the devil ain’t here to hand out roses, he throwing rocks to deter you from your blessings (goals). But guess what? The Lord is providing the armor of protection and weapons on how to smash those rocks!

As I am encouraging myself I want to encourage YOU as well that when struggle appears in front of you and you are not sure how to maneuver, simply ask God for the answers and allow him to do it in His own timing. He will provide even when all of our struggles haven’t been fully answered with a solution. 

Here is my post from 2017: 

If you ever have been told you cant do it or YOU doubted yourself that it couldnt be done…guess what? The devil is a LIE!!!

Please believe in you. We ALL will have our ups and downs but through all of that there is greatness from within. Its up to us to let that greatness show and make things happen. 

Im still a work in progesss and through that progress I chose not to believe that there isnt greater out for me cause there IS!! 

Make it happen!!!!



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