Nutritious and delicious

If you are trying to figure out how to get your veggies in, or want to try out another way to prepare your veggies- Check this out.

My mom got me HOOKED on the Krogers Fresh Produce STIR FRY KIT.

Depending on what Stir Fry kit you get, it comes with a sauce (i.e Pad Thai)- However, I never use the sauce due to added sugars that are in it, I simply add seasoning (Cajun seasoning).

Add some EVO or Canola oil to the pan, add the stir fry veggies and let them cook of low to medium heat.

There are different Stir Fry kits that come with different veggies- but I will tell you ALL of them are good and provide VITAMINS, ANTIOXIDANTS AND FIBER!!! It will fill you up. You can add your veggie stir fry with a complex carb (ie brown rice) and a protein (ie salmon or chicken breast)

Veggie Stir fry



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