1. 🌟VALUE- Why CORE Based Fitness Program Challenges?

What is the VALUE of CORE based Fitness Program Challenges?

The CORE Based Fitness Program Challenges are all based on a 4 week duration. The 4 week duration, is a great length in program for commitment, nothing too overwhelming. Intended to get you focused
and begin creating the habit of a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Once your 4 weeks are completed, the intentions are to go back at it for another 4 weeks, looking to progress in strength and health from your previous 4 weeks. You can continue on that pattern, taking it in 4 week chunks, stepping it up, challenging yourself and achieving goals.

This program is perfect for those who not only would like to lose inches in their mid-section, but most importantly, a stronger and more stable core!

These programs are centered around providing the flexibility and motivation to be able to follow a program on your own, confidently and efficiently.

4Star Fitness will provide not only the CORE based fitness portion of the challenges, but also supplement vital information regarding nutrition that is also followed in connection to the CORE based fitness program challenges.

The great thing about the 4Star Fitness Program Challenges are they provide variety, challenge and can be done virtually anywhere with the use of either your phone, personal computer or IPad, without always having to be constricted to one certain location. The workouts are designed to be short, yet effective. Going on a business trip or vacation and plan to keep up with your health and fitness goals while your away? DO A CORE BASED FITNESS CHALLENGE!!

Crystal, 4StarFitChic, truly believes that with any challenge given, in order to be successful, one must stay focused, consistent and ready to follow through the whole way.

So go a head, Sign-Up for a Make It Right, Get It Tight CORE based Program Challenge and get ready to Make it Right and get it Tight!!