Use Your Resources

I always encourage people to have a Resourceful tool that can give you some guidance and help through your journey. 

If you’ve been following for any length of time one of my past health and Fit Tip blogs, I talk about the Fooducate app which I use as a resourceful tool which allows you to journal your food intake, your exercise as well as scan products as you go grocery shopping to see if it’s graded an A, F or anything in between, based off of The quality of the product.

If the product is unknown to the app it allows you to take a picture of it and send it to the creators which make up a team of doctors, nutritionist and registered dietitians. Once they’ve reviewed the product they will send that product back letting you know what they grade it and why.

Again, I am sharing this to those of you who may still be looking for something that can give them a little more help in the choices made and make it just a little easier in the process. 

This is what Fooducate sent back to me giving me their review on a product I had scanned but they had no information at the time. 

I do appreciate an app that does connect back with you!



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