Understanding food labeling: Product Expiration Date

I’ve had a few people ask me about certain products and what exactly the expiration date means because it’s used in different ways one being “best before” and the other “used by”

When you see the term used by and it has a date next to it that usually will mean to not use after that day as it could put health at risk. There can be a chance for food poisoning after that date. Such products could be; 

meat products, ready-made salads and smoked fish. 

When you see the term best before with a date next to it that usually will mean after that date the product starts losing flavor however it is still suitable for eating. 

It is usually still legal to sell a product after the best before date But the product could still be discounted in price. Products that usually will have the best free for will be frozen, dried, or tinned food. 

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