Try your “Try”-ceps

Shout out to Ms Christel- This is for you🤗

The Triceps are made up of 3 muscles: The long head, Lateral and Medial Muscle which run along the back of the arm between the shoulder and elbow. Your Triceps allows your arms to go into extension. One important thing to know about a major role your triceps play is that it helps in stabilizing your shoulders. The shoulder has the greatest range of motion which makes it the most unstable joint….the triceps Aid in keeping it stabilized.

So I am sharing a few of my favorite triceps exercises that really target those muscles and YOU WILL KNOW they have been worked-

The bonus to these specific exercises I am sharing- Although they work your triceps, you are getting benefit, working other muscles as well!

Check it out below!

In order:

1.The Medball Slam

15-20 reps- Works the entire body due to stabilization- Add some force when slamming the medball to the floor to really work not only the triceps, but the entire arm- This exercise, performed first, really gets those arms warmed up for the next exercise…

2. Elbows IN, Push-Ups

10 reps-Push-Ups in general are considered a compound move, meaning the exercise targets more than one muscle group.With these particular push-ups, not only will it hit other muscles that will work together to accomplish the move, but you should definitely feel it in the Triceps! Wrist and Arms aligned right under shoulders for a good setting foundation. With the elbows remaining “in” instead of poked out, its putting the focus on the Triceps when pushing up and then lowering back down.

3. Resistance Band Triceps Pull Through

10 Reps- Make sure to use the right resistance for intended amount of reps! Stand nice and tall- Initiate your core muscles-bracing them, and you begin to move your arms back- Pull your belly button in- Goal is to pull the resistance band handles passed your hips- SQUEEZE/tighten your Triceps muscles as you extend your arms back.

OR you can do….(either or)

3. Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

10 reps- Form: Knees slightly bent, slight tilt forward, core braced, elbows in alongside your side. Extend arms back as though you are blindly trying to hand someone something behind you. SQUEEZE/Tighten in the the full extended position.

4. Plank Inchworm

15 reps- Elbows aligned right under shoulders. Keep hips rolled in to initiate your core muscles. Brace your core by pulling your bellybutton in so that you don’t sink at your low back when coming up into the plank. This is the only exercise that I would consider breaking the law when it comes to poking your butt up in the air LOL You are pushing your butt up in the air into an inverted like “V” position. As you lower back down into the plank, you brace your core by pulling your belly button in. Where do the triceps come in? The movement from the up to lowering position, the triceps are working stabilization being that the movement is being leveraged from your arms.

or you can do…

4. Stability Ball Inchworm

15 reps- Same form and principles as doing the plank inchworm from the floor only now you’ve added the challenge by adding instability to the equation.

Perform all 4 exercises in the order above 3 sets!