TRX Straps: Benefits and Challenge

For those of you who have never tried using the TRX strap, I highly recommend giving it a try! Not only does it provide versatility in different exercises but it allows you to do these exercises at different angles whether it be advanced or modified but it also allows you to work on stabilization and balance, which can be a challenge to most. 

The other day I trained a group of ladies with all different fitness levels and age ranges. Somewhere in the middle of the work out as we were taking a rest break the oldest lady in the group asked why her knee hadn’t been bothering her when doing the squats using the TRX strap. She shared that when she’s performed squats before (not using the TRX, it has caused her discomfort.

Reason, she can perform her squat at a different angle, holding the TRX handles, taking less stress off her knees, than if she were to perform the squat without it. 

She was very pleased yet surprised that she could perform all the different squats I had on the agenda without having to stop. 

Here are two classic examples of what I’m referring to when I state that the TRX Strap gives the option/versatility of your angle/range of motion in performing an exercise while also challenging your stabilization/ balance. 

  • Squat
  • Horizontal Row

Versatile Exercises

So again, if you have never tried the TRX in your fitness regime, it’s something to look into! You can get a home TRX Strap (it hooks to your door), or at your gym. Definitely worth the try!



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