TRX Routine

I am keeping at it and I am seeing results slowly but surely!!


This is Week 2 out of 4 TRX program for the ladies I am training. Yet again, they did an awesome job.

Took them through a 3 set routine- 3rd set being a combination round.

My routine for my personal TRX workout, I did 2 sets. I did a mix of 10-15 reps of each exercise. Little rest in between.

The ladies I had once again do interval rounds by time varying between 30 seconds up to 1 minute.

Below are the exercises;

Set 1:

Power Jack Squats

BOSU Deep Squats

Lying Hip Raise Mtn. Climbers

1 arm Row

Str8 arm Pull Up

Alt. Ab Pull & Rotate

Lying Babydoll Sit Up Crossover

Set 2:

Power Jack Squats

Front Lunge

Lying Hip Raise (knees slightly bent but WITHOUT tucking them in as the hips were raised) Focused more on low back and glutes

Horizontal Row

Oblique Dip and Twist

Plank Mtn. Climbers

Combination Round that the ladies performed for Set 3:

Power Jack Squats

BOSU Squats

1 Arm Row

Lying Hip Raise Mtn. Climbers

Str8 Arm Pull Ups

Front Lunges

Horizontal Row

Lying Hip Raise

Alt. Ab Pull & Rotate

Lying Babydoll SitUpĀ  Crossover

Plank Mtn. Climbers

Here are my 2 Set TRX Workout Routines below!