Trusting The Process

There’s so much testimony on what was just shared above.

Sometimes it can be so hard to trust the process when everything around you and in your life seems to be going wrong or just not your way.

I have found with experience, that how some people view their health and fitness journey is more so looked at in a small frame rather than the big picture.

Instead of trusting the process it’s more of a “expect the process”.

The difference between the two? is the mindset.

Trusting the process, the mindset is keeping a more optimistic attitude. Its knowing that a journey is going to be just that and will come with ups and downs, but no matter what, as long as you keep working, believing and sewing into yourself everything will come to pass in due time. You will achieve your goals. An example, not allowing the scale to determine their success. Even if the number wasn’t what they hoped for After a certain length of time, they keep moving forward because they know progress is being made in other ways.

Expecting the process, is a mindset of the pressure is on, all or nothing. One expects that no matter if they go through their ups and downs, that results should still happen. This can only lead to frustration and resentment in the journey. An Example, Allowing the scale to determine their success. Whatever the number on the scale says either they are going to be happy with it, expect it to be a number they believe it should be, or be distraught.

Listen, the things we expect our bodies to do is crazy! not only should we trust the process we go through in our journeys but we also have to put some trust in our body and allow it to take the time to understand what we are doing through during our process.

God made our bodies with intricate detail and with detail Each and every human being goes through their process differently.

Go through your journey with confidence, honesty, vulnerability, and most of all learn to love and appreciate yourself with the abilities and capabilities you have. When you can hone in on that, you can trust the process.



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