Transformation vs Scale

Many of you may have seen this pic or similar pics such as this but I really want you to look at it and understand it.
Why? Too often people are STILL focusing on what the scale says without learning about the process that is happening with your body. 

Losing weight can come with a price. If all you’re focused on is seeing the scale number go down you can be in risk of continuing to lose muscle, therefore your weaker and body composition not favorable. 

It’s tough to change a mindset of terminating the scale only success and switch it the mindset of actual body transformation no matter what the scale shows.

I want you to understand that no matter how much you weigh, how you are carrying it and most important how you physiologically feel at that weight is important.

As you see from the picture above two people of the same gender, And relatively the same height, Carry their weight totally different.
How they carry it is based off of body composition, fat to muscle ratio.
So when someone steps on the scale who has been making a great transformation, yet the scale number doesn’t exactly show the number that they are looking for, does not mean Success is not happening. If you lost a couple pounds, celebrate that!
If your body is transforming the right direction meaning you are losing inches, weight is slowly going down, your energy has increased, your clothes fit better, then you better believe that your transformation will outweigh what the scale says every time!



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