We’ve come to this park in our neighborhood all summer long and have seen people come on and off the trail that leads to the playground, all the time. One reason I took a break from taking the kids on the trails was because, one, it was just too hot. The other reason….insects, especially Ticks. I can’t do it. I’d rather enjoy time when the weather is cooler and less insect infested. Better yet, they enjoy running through the leaves 🍁and looking for the biggest leaf they can find. 
When the seasons change I love allowing the kiddos to explore and observe the change from summer to fall. I don’t know what about the season change it is, but I observe a boost of fall energy from them. Man, Bubs acts like he had a sugar load since the fall weather has crept in.
As you can see below in this video they were full of energy. It surprised me because Bubs actually lead the way most of the time JOGGING the way back to the playground🤣🤣

So fun to see them have fun again exploring through another trail…and blazing it 🤣

Enjoying the Fall Trail



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