“Too Good Eats” Freeze Pops

Healthy Sweets for your kiddos!

I teach a small group Bible study with a group of ladies and this past Saturday was going to end out this season. My group name is restorative wellness in which we talk about everything health and wellness and how our physical, mental, spiritual, emotional dimensions play into our journey. 

For our last group meet up I wanted to do something special that would allow them to be as interactive as they could so I invited them to the Phil Heit in New Albany Ohio because not only would they be able to get a chance to exercise but they also had the fun opportunity to be a part of the indoor farmers market that occurs every first Saturday of the month.

This farmers market was amazing, so many new vendors to visit but there was one in particular that caught my eye! The lady was selling Popsicles which was odd because here we are in December and it’s cold! So I walked over to her booth and was excited to learn what her business was about. She makes from scratch healthy fruit and vegetable freeze pops to ensure children are getting the right amount of servings in the fruit and veggie category. 

They can enjoy this healthy treat without Even knowing they are actually eating healthy 🤣

She gave me a sample of one of her freeze pops and it was delicious! You could definitely taste the vegetables but it did not overpower the sweet.

I told Anique, the owner, that I would be featuring her on my parent and kid health and fitness blog. This is such a great treat yet healthier alternative to most. These pops are even great for teething!

This is Anique And her sweet baby girl who uses the freeze pops for teething

Check out her Instagram information and follow her…tell her Crystal from 4Star Fitness sent ya her way 😉

If you would like to order these healthy treats for your kids they are for all year around and not specifically for just warmer months.

Go ahead and check it out! 



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