To Be Kingdom Minded

To be kingdom minded is what I strive for. In the world we live in today it can definitely be mentally challenging because your mind can be taken all sorts of ways due to everything that is being done and everything that is being said. It’s debilitating. 

Each day we are challenged mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally in someway. 

As I strive to be more kingdom like-minded I ask myself what what Christ do and think in the situations we come up against. It’s Soooo easy to get drawn into. I have to think what would He have for me to do that is going to draw me closer to him? 

Living in a world of craziness Can make it all the more challenging to be pushed away from doing what is right but when you root yourself in the power of the Lord you get a sense of peace….well at least I do. When I refocus my thoughts and energy on him it seems like everything worldly is put on pause. 

This will be my third week straight that I have dedicated in working hard staying consistent not only as a trainer to my clients but to myself in my health and fitness. Trust me, when things don’t Feel right because the world can’t get right, it can affect you. My workouts have been a time to get a way from the world. I honestly feel close with the Lord during my routines as though He is providing strength that I need for the rest of the day. 

To strive to be kingdom minded is to stay more focused on God so He can direct my path and KEEP ME ON IT. I want no part in division!

Like I read an Olympic Gold Medalist, Michelle Carter say:



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