To Be FREE and burden lifted

What does it feel like when all of the burdens, worries, troubles, anxiety, idol thoughts and expectations from others are lifted?

We don’t realize the impact that certain situations have on us until we are free from it! I say all of this to say…THIS PLAYS A HUGE FACTOR IN OUR HEALTH… our life situations are very much a direct Proportion to how our health is affected.

I spoke to a good friend of mine who just retired from a job that literally draining her health from her. Not only was it the position she played at her job but also the people that she worked with that continue to Way her down. It wasn’t until she realized how often she was getting sick that she met with her doctor and after having Many conversations about what was going on in her life and her full maturity continue to point towards her job and that it would have to be something either she would keep on enduring or have to separate herself from. In May 2019 she retired and the conversation that I had with her there after was totally different than our previous conversations we had had in the past you could definitely hear the positive energy, burdens lifted and feel the happiness through the phone.

If anyone seen the video I shared of my mother sharing the good news of being cancer free, I could only imagine the burdens, worries or thoughts my mom could have had prior to receiving her mammogram results. Once the results were given All of that just being freed from her.

The crazy thing about this particular blog, I had already decided what I wanted to talk about/share, so that was set. It wasn’t until I was sitting watching Aladdin with my kids that two scenes jumped out clear as day, like affirmation in connection to this…check it out.

Scene 1

What is your wish?

Scene 2

Burden lifted!!

The second scene…MAN! What an awesome example to be free of whatever has been weighing down on your shoulders.

There are some things that we may not have absolute control over but there are situations that we do! We can get out of toxic relationships, jobs that are not fulfilling a career dream, having positive expectations for yourself rather than trying to meet the expectations of others. Going on a vacation that you’ve always wanted to go on, or simply taking a mental day off Can really help our health in a positive way!

The righteous person may have many troubles,
but the Lord delivers him from them all.

Psalm 34:19 | NIV



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