Time with Daddy

My husband loves participating in a fitness group- Almost 3 days a week he does a bootcamp and really enjoys it.

While in Florida, one of his “musts” while on vacation was to dedicate some time for his fitness because he knew if he did not, the vacation was going to go really bad for him (eating wise and just feeling sluggish). He wanted to make sure he maintained his physical activity so that when vacation time was over and his group bootcamp came up, he hadn’t missed anything.

Thankfully one of his good friends attended a bootcamp weekly at a recreation center and invited him. It was on!

I loved the environment and seeing not only my husband, but the kids participating. Although it was an adult group bootcamp, the group was so accepting of allowing the kids to participate instead of “they are in the way” kind of manner. I always made sure they didn’t interfere when the group was getting around, but when the opportunities came, such as this, the kids took it!

The group of people and trainer were awesome.