Time…Well Spent

The time

I knew the time would come soon when volunteering for events at my kids school would come up. I would begin to get nervous. You don’t wanna be one of those parents who doesn’t participate in activities/events that your kids are really excited about.

well of course Valentine’s Day is a huge event at the daycare and they prepared for a big Valentine’s Day party for all of the kids.

What was the involvement for the parents? You could volunteer To bring in what was needed for the party, just sign up! But most importantly bring in valentines day cards for all the kids in the class.🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

For my daughters class 31 kids, and for my son 21 kids so you know I was already freaking out not so much about getting the cards but having to put it all together. As soon as I got the info that I needed for each class it was all about preparation. Getting to the store in time before all of the valentine supplies were taken, finding the right cards that were most appropriate and had the quantity needed…. Then of course it was trying to get all of this done before the day of the party.

I started laughing because the first memory that came to my mind that for some reason I will never forget is telling my mother the day before when I was in elementary school, that I needed to bake chocolate chip cookies for my class. I do remember my mom being upset about that but she made it happen.

I know between the two of my children I am going to have one of those moments in the future but I’ll take one at a time 😂

Although there was much to do I really let this moment sinking. After talking to my mom and her laughing as she reminisced when I was a child, she told me to cherish these moments because they will grow up quickly.

instead of just thinking about getting this project done for my kids, I took this time to just let it settle in and enjoy making all of the Valentines cards with my babies. I appreciated this time and I only hope that they did too! It took about 45 minutes.
Bubs helped out here and there but chose to watch his iPad. Rey, being old enough to know what was going on, stayed all the way through. She was too exited for it all!!

Time…well spent.



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