Time for a massage

So it started out as just a habit that I did after taking an old hairstyle out of my daughters hair. I would massage her head, just to loosen up her hair and give her scalp some TLC. It turned into a must for my daughter. She gets excited when I tell her its time to take down a hairstyle to do another, because she knows a massage is coming. Just in case she thinks I forgot, she will say “Mommy, will you rub my head?” Its just the sense of touch, and it feels good.

Parents, I am not talking about a light rub or pat on the head, I am talking about a massage! I thought it was just Reygan who really enjoyed getting her head massaged, but I was wrong.

I tried it on my son and niece- Their whole demeanor changed! You can just feel them relax. Their shoulders relax and their eyes droop. Its incredible.

I honestly believe that when our kids get overwhelmed, anxious or just getting tired, a short massage is the best time to step in. Sometimes I do it just cause. I literally massage their heads for no more than 1 minute and they appreciate it.

Not only is this a great way to give some sort of relaxation to our kids, but it is also a great way to snuggle and connect with our kiddos.

Give it a try!! Please shoot me a post if you gave your kiddo a massage!

The Massage