Thumbs up!

I absolutely love teaching Tabata class and one of the reasons I love teaching happened today.
it’s one thing when you are motivating people walking around the class telling them you can do it especially when it’s challenging but it’s another thing when you stand right in front of a person and they know your attention is directly on them.
that’s what I did to one of the participants and they went into beast mode. not only was my motivation telling them to keep pushing and yelling out their name that they could do it, their hustle was making me motivate them even more!!
after the interval was all done what I saw the next made me smile. The participant that went hard was sweating and breathing hard. her husband, he was right along side of her getting the work out in too, came over to her grabbed her shoulder and hugged and kissed her. I’m sure he told her “great job baby”. I love seeing that!!
The person I’m talking about, if you’re reading this message, YES IM TALKING ABOUT YOU!!! Lol. just wanted to let you know I caught on to that. thumbs up to you & Great job.thumbsup