This workout got me good! Tabata & TRX routines
The look & feeling you give after putting yourself thru a goooood workout

I have continued on in my journey to commit to my water since this past Sunday. I am still feeling good, but let me tell ya…this workout I did made me feel like WHOA! I did 2 sets of Tabata (2 of the 6 that I took my Losin It participants through Monday Jan. 23rd) and 1 set of TRX (which I took my ladies through today).

Definitely feeling it from head to toe!

I continue to embrace this process as I make my way back to a FIT balance. I am learning so much about myself and I am taking none of it for granted!!

Tabata Set #1 (Round 1)

  1. Moving Ali Shuffle
  2. Plank Side Steps
  3. DB Hang Snatch
  4. High Knees

Tabata Set #2 (Round 2)

  1. Inside Toe Tap
  2. Dumbbell Lateral Flexion (Dumbbells along side of the thighs and behind the thighs)
  3. Burpee Hop Ups
  4. DB T Squeeze

TRX Set #1 (Round 3)

10 reps of each exercise

  1. Runners Sprint
  2. Overhead Squat
  3. Overhead Back Extension
  4. Knee Triceps Extension
  5. Bulgarian Squat
  6. Lying Sit-Up Bicep Curl
  7. Lateral Lunge Kickout
  8. Plank Routine–> Knee Tucks, Inchworm, Scissors, Plank hold (held for 10 seconds)