Thirst or Hunger?

Don’t confuse being hungry for being thirsty.

I had a brief conversation with a dear friend/client on this topic. It’s very important to talk about because when you think about it, there are a lot of people actually over eating rather than hydrating themselves because they mistake the actual need for hydration for being hungry. 

Our bodies require so much hydration to function properly, and when we are low in hydration our bodies can get mixed signals on when it’s hungry or thirsty.

 I truly believe this is one reason there is a high spike in over consumption of calories, and being classified as overweight or obese because signals are being mistaken and chosen on hunger over thirst.

I learned one of many tricks; Always try a glass of water first before choosing to eat because then you will know if you were actually thirsty or hungry. If your body was actually dehydrated, after that drink, you’ll be satisfied.

We normally get the growling of the stomach or stomach “pangs” when we’re truly hungry. If after drinking some water and you’re still having the feeling of hunger then maybe it’s time to eat.

The reason hunger and thirst can get mixed signals is because you can feel lethargic, concentration low, and irritated and those symptoms can be with either thirst or hunger. However, the truth of the matter most are not drinking/hydrating enough and eating more.

Major tip would be to keep yourself hydrated with fluids throughout the day because our body is almost 70% water and we lose that throughout the day with different activities we do, most chances are, our body needs replenished with the water we lost. Yes we most certainly need the nutrients that come from food, but don’t overpower the body with consuming food, when our body could actually just need hydration.



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