Things I need to QUIT!

Are you guilty of doing 1, a couple or all of these things listed above??

I am going to be transparent and honest…I was all 5 at one time. I believe with time and maturity you learn from experiences and can grow from them. I can confidently say that I’m stronger now than I was before. The two that I know I currently need to quit worrying about the most are always trying to please others And worrying about the future.

I struggle with letting go of the fact that I can’t please others all the time. I feel like the bad one if I can’t do something for someone else. For example, if I have been invited to two events within the same day, I am going to be that person that tries to attend both of them even though it might put me in a tight situation to make it happen. Why? Because I am thinking of the other persons feelings. I have a big heart for a lot of things and a lot of people and show compassion and empathy.

However, I realized that by always trying to be the one to please others, I started jeopardizing my own health and happiness by putting myself aside to always do for someone else. As I believe its good to do for others, it also is good to have the commonsense that its going to be OK to not be that person that is always the one trying because it can get EXHAUSTING! My mother always told me that I will not be able to make everyone happy, there are always opportunities to help, but today just might not be that day. Don’t stretch yourself.

Worrying about the future….. I don’t know if worry is my word choice, but I know that I THINK about the future a lot and I have to tell myself “Crystal, that is out of your control”- I had one client open my eyes to what they said, and it has always stuck with me. It was during a time that I was grieving and coping. She told me, “Crystal, God sees so much further than we ever will” That meant that God sees, knows and is in control, let Him handle it. While I am trying to figure out the future, it’s distracting me from living in my present.

As I know I still have some work to do, To quit some things, so that I can live a more prosperous life, my question to you is, What is it that is distracting you, You need to put a stop to, that is keeping you from reaching your full potential?



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