Things I Can Control…Quality Control

Wanted to share this with you so that it may could help you as it has for me, to reflect in my choices. 

I seen this in an app I used and this list is what I would refer to as quality control. Quality choices that can be controlled by the way you lead your lifestyle.
I always read something at least 2-3 times to make sure I understand it and can apply it and this list definitely is understood and hits the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional dimensions

What I eat, what I focus on, what I am saying, what I think about, who I surround myself with, my daily routines all entail things that can be controlled by choice. All of these choices I mentioned have quality to it because they really shape a healthy lifestyle.

If these 9 listed below which are you still working on to control in your life?

for me:

I try to get no less than 7 hours of sleep a night otherwise I know how I will feel the following day

words are powerful and can speak truth, so I’ve learned to speak with affirmation in knowing I am who God says I am.

I’ve always been brought up to be a leader, but it’s who you place in your life and who you watch develops the person you can become as a leader. Social media can be deceiving most times so I try not to get caught up in that world, but rather who is physically around me.

You are what you eat. I can testify of that from experience. It either gives me energy and satiety or it makes me lethargic and moody. I keep a journal which helps tremendously in knowing how MY body has a relationship with how and how I eat and drink.

what you think it what you end up believing. Again, thoughts can follow with actions and it’s all dependent on what those thoughts and actions are. Are your thoughts negative therefore you treat yourself and others with disrespect OR do you fill your thoughts with affirmation and self love, therefore you treat others with kindness and respect. I know I have my bad days, but I vow the majority rules n my life of kindness and love.

The way I treat others refers to above with my mindset.

Being honest can be so hard to do because it can reveal your heart. There is always a time and place of being honest and if the level of honesty that is being shared will ultimately help or hurt you or someone else. I’ve found myself having to be honest with myself in situations I’ve been in, accept it and move on. Life still moves on

My outlook has always had the vision of greatness. Whatever that greatness looks like I ask God to order my steps and provide me with the wisdom and tools I need. I try to always see the best in everything even when circumstances are dim.

I don’t believe we fail but we learn from situations that didn’t go our way. There is always something to learn in life.

All something of quality that has meaning to life that I and you can take control in each and every day ♥️



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