THEME Workout Name Game

 I have the pleasure in training yet again my lovely clients online each week. 

They make it so much fun and exciting especially during this Quarantine. I came up with a nice tip in Fitness, to try with at least another family member or a friend, you can follow the routine with online.

I decided to call it “Play the name game” instead of the spell your name work out because I wanted to change it up! 

The idea came after training my awesome client,Shanda. 

at the end of her work out she leaned into the screen and told me how disrespectful the work out was to her 🤣🤣🤣.  That began my creative juices. 

I train one of her good friends, Tomeka, who has become a good friend and client of mine and told Shanda that I would be coming up with a work out for both of them to do together.

From A to Z, I created exercises with different REPS. 

The THEME for their workout I used would derive from that very word…DISRESPECTFUL

I chose to come up with 5 other words (adjective or name) that stayed in the theme of disrespectful. 

How YOU can create your THEME Workout name game:

  1. Come up with at least 4 to 6 THEME words that have 6 to 13 letters in it
  2. Perform the workout using each letter in that word that correlates with the Alphabet template of exercises you’ve come up with.

Of course, You can come up with your own fun theme words and workout template from A to Z and follow it OR use the theme words and Alphabet template I chose for my ladies 😉

Check it out below

Theme Words:


2)Judge Rudy 


4) Nurse Ratched 

5) Discourteous

6)Cruella de Vil

Alphabet Template:

 A= 30 Jacks Jacks

B= 15 Push UPS

C= 20 Plank Jacks

D=20 Burpees

E=15 Push Up into Plank (on forearms and Toes)

F=100 Water bottle Jabs

G= 15 ea leg Reverse Lunges

H=15 ea side of speed skaters

I= 30 second plank 

J= 20 V Ups

K= 20 ea Mtn Climbers 

L= 20 Hover Squats 

M= 5 Water bottle Devil Press Burpees

N= 25 Jumping Jacks 

O= 20 Push UPS

P= 25 Plank Jacks 

Q= 15 Burpees

R= 20 Push Up onto Plank

S= 80 Water bottle jabs

T= 20 ea Reverse Lunges 

U= 20 ea Side Speed Skaters 

V= 45 second Plank

W= 15 V UPS 

X= 25 ea  Mtn Climbers

Y= 25 Hover Squats 

Z= 3 Water Bottle Devil Press Burpees 




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