COVID-19 Message from 4Star Fitness!

The year 2020 came and when it did it came hard and expectantly throwing a lot of curveballs.

Each of us have had to make changes in our lives because of 2020. We experienced hurt, pain and loss, but we also experienced some learning and growth experiences as well.

I once read, we may all be in the same storm, but we all may be in different boats. We have all been going through this COVID-19 storm at different paces.

One major factor Crystal honed in on is the change in health and motivation people needed when COVID-19 hit. A lot of priorities changes, and so did lifestyles.

Crystal does not want this storm to be a barrier as to why you can’t move forward and succeed.  Her virtual training packages and At-home 4Star Fit Book Program is just what you need to achieve your goals.