The Unexpected

Embrace The Process…

Sometimes life throws the unexpected and you are never prepared for it. Last week my heart sank when I found out one of my cousins passed away unexpectedly. At the time of the news I was preparing for a fitness meeting and had to call it off because my mind and my emotions We’re all over the place.

Working out has always been not only something I know that’s good for my body but therapeutic to me and before I left work that day I got a workout in to cope with the feeling of disbelief.

It was about 2 weeks earlier, before she passed, I had posted a video of me sharing my fitness journey, that my cousin Deborah commented, encouraging and supporting me in what I was doing.

One funny memory I have is of another fitness video I had posted and cousin Deborah commenting “You go girl, while I sit here and drink my beer” LOL.

On Friday, March 15th family and friends came together in a memorial style fashion to celebrate the life of Deborah Scott. Yes our hearts are broken but instead of mourning, we celebrated her life the way she would have wanted to and that was with music, laughter, people and line dancing.
Cousin Deborah and her two other sisters, Loved to line dance.
This is how we celebrated her life:

Celebration of Life…

In the midst of this news, it reminded me how precious life can be, not to be taken for granted in any way because anything can be unexpected.

Love and miss you Cousin Deborah- You are truly now livin’ your life like it’s golden with the Lord!



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